Executive Coaching

CEO, Sales Leader or Sales Team 1X1 Coaching Sessions

1.5 hour, 2X per-month

What what to expect from our work together:


  • Refine your personal purpose.
  • Align with organizational pursuit to deliver massive ROI.


  • Define purpose-aligned and realistic objectives.
  • Accountable actions, timelines.


  • Evaluate perceptions, vesrsus perspective.
  • Manage your mind, discover what's in the gap!


  • By following your enthusiasm, find your genuine, renewable, and transferable inspiration!


  • Evaluate challenges, weakness and opportunity gaps.
  • Examine, reframe or redesign your sales story to land with greater impact.
  • Align process, and strategy with purpose.
  • Employee or cultural misalignment issues... and more!

*3-month minimum commitment to build trust and evaluate results.

As a professional speaker and meeting presenter, I can honestly say that nothing sells better than authenticity. Tarini has that in spades. You feel it in her writing, but that’s nothing compared to the fire she ignites in person. ... Speak with her, meet with her or get your people in front of her. She’ll restore your faith in being who you are, selling what you love, and speaking from the heart of your vision. ...She is one of those rare guides who can get you back on track, living that powerful inner story that will give wings to your product or service.
— Rick Lewis, Inspirational Speaker, and Author of 7 Rules You Were Born to Break - How Intelligent Misbehavior Can Help You and Your Organization Thrive.”