Shit got real when...

In mid-June in Vancouver, Canada while I was working with my B.C sales team, an email arrived announcing a mandatory company-wide Skype slated for the following morning. The mandatory call—we would all soon learn—was to announce that our certified organic supplement company was being sold to a multinational corporation.

The events of that morning ushered in a period of loss and uncertainty, the record of which is etched in my memory the way grooves are etched into vinyl to create beautiful music.


There are moments in each our lives when time seems a hostage of circumstance and the events that follow proceed as if possessed by an otherworldly force.

Call it destiny or circumstances beyond your control, either way these moments bring us to The Crossroads: That place where you have to make a choice, but no matter what choice you make you know one thing is for sure, shit is about to get real!

Six months later that I made my choice to leave that beloved company, say goodbye to a fabulous thirteen-year run and my senior-level income, and to coworkers that had become like my family, to set out on a journey alone and without a crystal ball.

Another well-paying job left behind; a death; debilitating back pain; shedding belongings that turned into too much baggage; stumbling, falling, getting back up, and at times losing sight of the trail altogether.  Yet, never was I lost.


In her book Rising Strong, Brené Brown explores the transformational potential of such falling and failing, and the badass bravery required to get back up and tell our stories with vulnerability, and self-honesty, which is the transformational possibility in rising strong. Brené says, “The middle is messy but it is also where the magic happens.”

 This was the middle of my story. Things got messy. And I indeed did discover magic hiding there.

By definition transformation is a process by which one thing into a complete other thing.

It’s anyone’s guess what the caterpillar goes through as digestive enzymes break down its body and reconfigure the bits it into a butterfly, but I’d put money on the process being a hot mess!

Each stumble or outright face-plant in the arena of my life was a gentle or stiff wind that fanned the ember of longing for personal transformation that is my True North, all the while I swear I heard Dory cheerfully encouraging me to "Just keep swimming!"

As much as we love the end of a story where the remarkably brave woman (or man) saves the world, its in the middle where the heroine meets adversity; get's creamed, gets up, dusts herself off, and discovers a superpower she didn’t realize she had then begins the work of focusing her efforts to hone that skill to fulfill her purpose.


The magic in the middle was discovering my transformational purpose: Transferring enthusiasm and inspiring others to risk it, live fully and with genuine enthusiasm.

I was born with this ability and still I have to practice standing in, and holding myself accountable for it. If you’re on that path of discovery I welcome the opportunity to discover how I might help you stand in and be accountable for your MTP.

Until then, lead into the unknown and don’t let the messy middle rob you of your sense of wonder about what is around the next bend. It is the spark that will reignite your intention to lead the change, and become the butterfly.




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I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness to make sure it continues into the future.
— Elon Musk



Executive Coaching

CEO or Sales Leader 1X1 Coaching, 1-hour, 2X per-month.

  • Discover MTP: align leadership MTP to organizational for massive ROI.
  • Perspective vs. perception vs. (Minding your mind matters)!
  • Actions & accountability.
  • Inspiration & deep commitment.
  • Sales: Story selling, revenue, strategies and opportunity gaps.
  • Employee challenges.

*3-month minimum commitment to build trust and evaluate results.


MTP Speaking Engagements

I hour message/keynote tailored to your organizational pursuit, and sales team needs.

It is through deep connections that we thrive.

When sales teams grow weary (and you know they do), they lose their connection to others, their purpose and yours.

Using storytelling and humor, I connect the universal human need for belonging; to a community, a movement, or a cause bigger than ourselves, and our paycheck!

Let me help:

  • Generate renewed enthusiasm and vision.
  • Spot Sterile Thinking that sabotages result.
  • Shift to generative thinking.
  • Inspire clarity of MTP.
  • Align MTP to your pursuit, and change the game!
  • Inspire massive commitment for personal and professional growth. 

Sales Team Coaching

1-10 Salespeople, 1-hour, 1X per month

  • Discover MTP: align leadership MTP to organizational for massive ROI.
  • Perspective vs. perception vs. (Minding your mind matters)!
  • Actions & accountability.
  • Inspiration & deep commitment.
  • Sales: Story selling, revenue, strategies and opportunity gaps.
  • Management/Leadership challenges.

*3-month minimum commitment to build trust and evaluate results.

*Packages created for larger teams and unique needs.

What Tarini does is profound. ...Her unique way of leaning in and asking all the right questions, then sitting back and allowing me to generate my own answers, is empowering. Tarini’s approach is useful and creative and it’s what’s needed in modern culture—knowledge, intuition, and a willingness to move beyond the box.

— Shinay Tredeau, Yoga and Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Tarini

(Tar-i-ni) noun; 

  • Pronunciation; Tah-re-knee (the "h" is missing).

  • Origin: India.

  • Very loose translation:

"She who helps others cross over from illusion to clarity".

I'm a Purpose Coach and a Sales Whisperer. 

I inspire and coach clarity of purpose, self-awareness and values-aligned actions to maximize impact, a sense of lasting significance and deliver sustainable results.

My sweet spot?

The Natural Products Industry, supplement sales with a social and environmental impact (but I work with any leader intent on leading into the unknown, and delivering sustainable results).

stuff I love

Coffee and/or tea... with cream (and whenever possible with a dear friend), practicing or teaching yoga, writing (often in that order). The ocean, islands, organic farms and their farmers, and of course eating their food! Good Delta Blues (and a dog's breakfast of other genres), a great book on a quiet afternoon or a late night movie (sometimes binging on a good series like Better Call Saul, or Game of Thrones), and daily walks with my sweet hearted, and ever-interesting husband.

Benefits of working together

Clarity is power. I'll be your Clarity Advocate. With greater self-awareness you will set MTP aligned growth goals and deliver massive ROI! 

— Lisa Nichols

Judgment-Free Zone. Seeing ourselves clearly requires a safe, Judgement-Free zone. Coaching with me is that place. 

Get Your Story Straight. Do you feel stuck? Are you doing the same things expecting different results? It may be an old story running you, and sabotaging your growth. We'll work to rewrite it, aligned to your MTP.

Accountability. As your MTP Coach, I'll hold you accountable and help you unleash credibility.

Regenerative thinking. Spot sterile thinking and shift into regenerative thinking... where the really big ideas are born!

Badass Leadership. Through badass bravery, you'll tell the truth about yourself, take more risk, speak-up more or talk less, be vulnerable and strong, and foster the same badass behavior in those you lead to define a culture of authentic badass leaders!

Slow is The New Fast. Just say No to the Work/Life balance addiction. Instead, align actions to MTP and discover the relaxed flow of effort and ease.

More Joy (May we all have whatever these dogs are having)!


As a professional speaker and meeting presenter, I can honestly say that nothing sells better than authenticity. Tarini has that in spades. You feel it in her writing, but that’s nothing compared to the fire she ignites in person. ... Speak with her, meet with her or get your people in front of her. She’ll restore your faith in being who you are, selling what you love, and speaking from the heart of your vision. ...She is one of those rare guides who can get you back on track, living that powerful inner story that will give wings to your product or service.
— -Rick Lewis, Inspirational Speaker, and Author of 7 Rules You Were Born to Break - How Intelligent Misbehavior Can Help You and Your Organization Thrive.”